• Wednesday, August 19, 2015
  • Money Talks, Bullshit Walks


    I got a call from XYZ Theater Company today- those calls you get thanking you for your support in the past and don’t you want to become a member or donate today?

    “I see the last show you saw here was two years ago…what’s been going on? Why haven’t we seen you?”

    “You’ve been producing a bunch of plays by white guys and it’s not interesting to me anymore.”

    This is not the first time this has happened. I got a call a while back from MCC who asked what I thought of their seasons and I said “There’s too much LaBute.”

    When these theater solicitors call you, I want to encourage you to talk with them. Tell them you want more diversity. Tell them you’re looking for more representation onstage. If they’re doing a good job of it, tell them so. (I took a call from Manhattan Theater Club and they asked why I’d seen Airline Highway and I said “because it was the only new play by a woman on Broadway.”) They are most likely writing this down. * Don’t hang up and don’t be rude about it- it’s not the call center person’s fault- but be polite and firm and tell them why you are or aren’t spending your money with them.

    Maybe if enough people say something, it’ll make the higher-ups look at why we buy our tickets the way we do.

    *I had this job once. There’s a space in each potential donor’s box for notes, where we’d write down preferences and any other relevant information to go into their file.

    Yes yes yes!