Rag and Bone

Play readings are so hard to do well, but I attended a delightful one tonight. Rag and Bone by Noah Haidle was read by a very awesome cast from the Echo Theatre Company, directed by one of my favorite people, Chris Fields. It was very funny, and so very fast and light and charming. And yet by the end I wanted more from it. The characters started as broad archetypes- some without real names, only referred to as ‘The Hooker’, ‘The Poet’ and ‘The Millionaire’- but they never quite progressed beyond those archetypes, never quite became real human beings I believed in. And so my heart didn’t break for them at the end, as it should have.

The opening scene of the play – something about the conversation between the two brothers-  inspired a breakthrough for one of my own stories. A solution that I would have never thought of otherwise. Love when that happens. 🙂 Sometimes I get my best writing done when I watch other plays.