My third full-length play

I’ve finished my play this weekend, after receiving some pitch-perfect notes from Oliver, and I’ve been kind of giddy since. A happy, flighty sensation, tinged with obsession, which I imagine is what it feels like to be in love. Only, since I’m in love with something I’ve written, I’m actually kind of in love with myself. Which is messed up in all sorts of ways, but is probably why we create. Anything.

I’m very much in love with all of my characters. I’m in love with their weirdness, the way they say things I could never say, do things I’d never have the guts to.

Yes, they’re all figments of my imagination, I’m aware. Yes, I’m falling in love with my own flights of fancy. I don’t care. It feels great.

Because I know it will fade pretty fast, and pretty soon, and I will look on this draft, and cringe, and blush at my immaturity, my obvious excitement, the places where I was a little too pleased with myself, the parts that don’t make much sense because I chose to ignore the logical fallacies.

For now, though, I’d rather just get lost in this happy little romantic comedy that I’ve created. That resolved a lot of questions I had when I started out, while letting me know that it’s okay if the rest don’t ever get answered.

Title: A Nice Indian Boy

Synopsis: Naveen Gavaskar wants the closest thing to an arranged gay marriage. His plans go awry, however, when he falls for a White guy who thinks he’s Indian, and his perfect sister brings home some not-so-perfect news.

If I’m not going to review all the plays I see, I might as well start noting down the titles at least. I’ve seen a lot this month.

Here’s what I remember…

4/24/11- Bonded by Donald Jolly at the LATC.

4/23/11- Nagamandala by Girish Karnad at USC

4/22/11- The Quiet of the Storm by Caroline Adan at USC

4/20/11- America Tropical, an opera by Oliver Mayer, at USC

4/16/11- The Bearded Girl by Rachel Skytt at USC

4/12/11- God of Carnage by Yasmin Reza at the Ahmanson

4/8/11- Wallowa by Oliver Mayer at Son of Semele Ensemble

4/7/11- Green Bird, adapted by David Bridel, at USC

…And I think that’s all for April. So far.