Just went to see an underground theater production of “In Love and Warcraft” a show about a girl who is addicted to an MMORPG, and, for a career, writes love letters for people who need them. Then she falls in love but refuses to have sex because she has no desire to and must learn to discover her own body and desires as well as herself in the real world instead of the game.

It was beautiful, really. The first act was almost Disney-ish. But very adult and crude. Wonderfully so. The actor who played Evie (the lead girl) was wonderful and portrayed a girl addicted to gaming fantastically without following a single “gamer girl” stereotype or making it seemed fake. She was just a human being who loved what she loved. The development through her learning to face her own body and the real world was beautiful. It didn’t shine gaming in a bad light at all, quite the contrary, but managed to show that one can be able to be almighty and enjoy oneself in a virtual world, but must also find oneself in their own body, and make real connections. I really enjoyed every minute of it. How, despite mistakes made by every character, they were all pretty good people in their own sense. It was touching and as a gamer myself, I loved the light they shined us in, but also the message that we can live as beautiful, shining human beings in our own right, and don’t need to hide behind an avatar.

It also had about a 30 minute long scene that took place in the MMO. The actors played as their characters’ avatar in the game, and the subtleties of the characters was amazing, with standard idle avatar movement, and repetitive attacks.

As a lover of theater and of gaming, it was well written, well performed, and captured a gamer who has never been in love or had a sexual experience’s first tussle with the claws of amour.

I’m the playwright and just stumbled upon this. Thank you so much. This means a lot.