“‘No-one has ever modernized the settings for Shakespeare, so that kind of innovation is really exciting and satisfying,’ Megan jokes in their Kickstarter announcement. ‘Shakespeare wasn’t really an innovator. We’ve cleaned up the plots and tightened them – they were kind of a mess. His characters are pretty shallow. And our language is really rich, there’s a real poetry to it.’”

Shakespeare Web Series “Titus and Dronicus” Will Be Better Than The Original (Not Really) – New Media Rockstars

Huge thanks to hyper-mediation for helping us spread the word! 

(And yes for the record of course we’re joking about being Better Than Shakespeare (maybe… (I mean, in some ways…)))

Watch our trailer here! https://youtu.be/505ULpVcseA

The Kickstarter (ending May 19): http://kck.st/1DDh93Z