At the beach, aka who am I


Rachel: Why does Sebastian have a Jamaican accent when they’re all in Scandinavia?Me: No, they’re all in the Caribbean, right? That’s what I always thought.Rachel: Then where did all the white people come from?Me: I mean… they’re colonists.Nahal: Yeah, Prince Eric is importing slaves from Africa.Rachel: Or maybe they’re like in Southern European waters. Like the Mediterranean.Me: Yeah, Eric has dark hair!Nahal: And those eyebrows. He has those crazy eyebrows.[pause]Rachel: Nah, they’re in Denmark. Sebastian just rode over on dolphin.

And some days continue to be really good. Yesterday I found myself at beautiful Manhattan Beach catching up with my playwright friends Rachel and Nahal after not having seen either of them in FOREVER (read: 10 days), then at night I got to attend the Kilroy’s opening party, and felt so energized and truly happy to be surrounded by so much of LA’s theatre community. I’m getting the best of both worlds- I get to make theatre with my friends, and I also get to hang out more established/institutional artists, and learn from them.

Two more shows of Much Ado About Something, where I fight aliens with cheese graters and get my arm blown off.