Halfway through April, and so far, the word to use for 2014 is intense. And, for the record, producing an event is 6 million times harder than just writing a play. Pfff.

A Nice Indian Boy closed on March 27, and I had to say goodbye (for now) to these beautiful people.
My favorite moment of the production was when a packed house – mostly people from Satrang and API-Equality – came to see the play and stayed for a talkback hosted by Prince Gomolvilas. It was affirming, and really what I personally needed to hear… that this was worthwhile. That this story means something for the people I was writing it for (besides me, and my parents, obv.)

And I got an article about me in Rediff, which means the Indian internet has acknowledged my existence.

And right from the time Indian Boy opened, the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles kicked into HIGH gear, and ate up my LIFE till like… well, we closed on Sunday but the wrap-up continues. But my life is now mostly mine again.

Producing an event for creative people is easy on some level because you believe so strongly in those creative people that you’re pouring your heart and soul into the work. On the other hand, it’s FREAKING hard and stressful because… it’s production!

But the people I met were brilliant. And the films were exceptional. And so I’m happy I got to do it.

All through IFFLA I kept thinking… when this is over, man. My life is gonna change. I’m gonna keep the house clean, do laundry, read books, even bake cookies. So far, I’ve been napping and eating my favorite cereal for dinner. But I did do one load of laundry. Baby steps.