This was a great year for me, validation wise. This was the first year where I thought to myself- this isn’t just a three-year project of love, this MFA. This writing thing- this playwriting, screenwriting, TV writing- this is something I could do for life. And get paid for! This was the first year where I honestly believed that I can do this. Like, as a responsible, non-delusional adult.


In February I got to attend the regional Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival in Ogden, Utah, where my ten minute play Fumes and Plumes had a staged reading. Adventures included renting a car and driving for an hour in the pitch blackness of Utah freeways to the house of a stranger I found off the internet, and meeting awesome and incredibly talented theatre students from small towns and community colleges in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii and California.

A Nice Indian Boy won second place in the East West Players Face of the Future Playwriting Contest, and got a staged reading in March at their theatre. The audience gave it a standing ovation. Which felt amazing.

Forget Sex had its workshop production at USC and was well received. I had the best time working with my director Chris Fields, and our stage manager and cast.

The Arrangement made it to the semi-finals of The Nicholl Fellowship, one of 129 scripts out of 7100. That was pretty thrilling.

I wrote a one-act children’s play in rhyming verse, the first draft of a screenplay, the beginnings of a solo performance, a TV drama spec script, a few ten minute plays, completed the 31 plays in 31 days challenge in August, and performed stand-up a couple more times this summer.

2013’s going to be pretty great. And terrifying. But pretty great.