• Monday, February 11, 2013
  • The Tower of Pisa

    The rewrite of A Nice Indian Boy is kind of kicking my ass. I came up with a great analogy for it last night (if nothing else, I still have analogies) and told Megan about it. My draft is like the leaning tower of Pisa. It’s very elegantly constructed and it works as a building but the foundation is messed up so the whole thing is just off at an angle.


    So as I try and fix the foundation, I have to rebuild the whole structure and lose many of the little accoutrements I loved so much. And that is the end of my analogy. For now.

    So let’s procrastinate by blogging.

    – On Friday, I had my first conversation with Susan Booth at the Alliance, and even now, three weeks after I found out the news, I still cannot believe my play won. Every conversation with people at the Alliance leaves me feeling like I’m walking on air. They do genuinely love the play, and I can’t describe how incredible that feeling is. We talked about directors. I’m so excited. The names she mentioned were fantastic. I can’t wait to see where this goes. I also got sent my contract. Hello, $. Heh.

    – Saw Chinglish on Saturday night with Megan and Zury, at South Coast Rep. My first thoughts as we settled into the play was – how elegant. It was so elegantly crafted, so light and airy, so VERY funny, so beautifully (and I mean beautifully) designed, both in terms of the production and the script. And yet at the end, I’m still left unmoved. I wonder why. Maybe I didn’t feel the loss of the love story at the end, because I didn’t fall in love with the characters to begin with.

    – Went to a stand-up show in Santa Monica with Megan last night, as part of research for her thesis play. All I can say is- all life experiences are good writing fodder. That, and I should probably give stand-up another shot when I’m done with this semester.

    Now, back to work.