• Friday, October 3, 2014
  • Morning phone call to India

    Me: You seem distracted. Are you tweeting again?
    Amma: Yeah, CSK [Chennai Super Kings] are playing, so I have to tweet about mosquitoes.
    Me: …what?
    Amma: It’s for good luck. We’ve discovered that whenever I tweet about mosquitoes, they hit a four or a six or get a wicket, or something.
    Me: Who’s we?
    Amma: My Twitter followers. We found this out a long time ago. So they’re expecting me to tweet about mosquitoes.
    Me: And it really works?
    Amma: Well this one time sadly we lost anyway – I had prepared so many tweets in advance of the match – I read all the wikipedia about mosquitoes and did so much research – but that day we lost! So I thought, oh, good luck is gone. But then I realised, no, I usually *spontaneously* tweet about mosquitoes. But this time I had planned it all in advance, that’s why it didn’t work.
    Me: Makes sense.
    Amma: I was tweeting about the symptoms for dengue and what to do if you find yourself – [switching track] Oh! I forgot to tell you. S___ Aunty’s sister-in-law got admitted in the hospital for dengue. [switching track] Oh! I can tweet about that now.
    Me: ….
    Amma: [typing sounds]