• Thursday, September 14, 2017
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    For all script inquiries, please contact Beth Blickers, bblickers@apa-agency.com

    Commissioned by Victory Gardens, Chicago
    Upcoming world premiere: 2019, directed by Chay Yew

    When 17-year old Miriam shows up alive, in a police cell two years after going missing, it feels like a miracle. Like a happy ending. But it’s not. It can’t be. Home is the last place Miriam wants to be. And she will break all the rules – again – in pursuit of the love that will destroy her and everyone in her path. From Madhuri Shekar, the author of Queen, comes a powerful play about survival, passion, and the silent crime of human trafficking in Chicago.

    Development History:
    Colorado New Play Festival, July 2018. Director and Dramaturg: Chay Yew

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    Commissioned by South Coast Repertory (Crossroads Program)

    A new play about queer athletes in the NHL. And hockey on stage. 

    Development History:
    Workshop by Team Awesome Robot, May 2018. Director: Chris Diercksen

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    Based on María de Zayas’ La traición en la Amistad

    Commissioned by Playwrights Arena and UCLA Clark Library’s GOLDEN TONGUES program.

    Welcome to the anti-Hogwarts! The SCHOOL FOR WITCHES is a boarding school where magical young women are reminded on a daily basis that they are not special. All of their lessons are about how to resist using their magical powers, so that they can be Normal when they are released back into society.Marcia and Fenisa are super-seniors and best friends despite being the total opposite in every way. Everything changes for them when a dark and dangerous new witch joins the school and hatches a plan to BLOW THIS PLACE UP and BUST OUT OF HERE to START THE REVOLUTION!

    Also, there’s the slight problem that they both fall in love with her.

    A play about friendship, hormones, heartbreak, cruelty… and breaking free.

    Development History:
    Reading at LA Escena, Los Angeles’ First Hispanic Classical Theater Festival
    September 2018
    Directed by Jonathan Munoz-Proulx


    90 min; 2F, 2M

    Deep in the jungles of East India, two different couples (of the monkey and of the human persuasion) experience an eventful night of falling in, and out, and back into love. Finding your soulmate is tricky enough – the real challenge is holding on to them.

    Development History:
    Reading by Playwrights Arena, Los Angeles, October 2015
    Directed by Jonathan Munoz-Proulx