• Saturday, October 4, 2014
  • knowhomo:

    Queer Avoidance, Vocabulary, Euphemisms, and the Language of Lesbians

    9 Ways the Early Twentieth-Century Newspaper

    Reviewed Broadway Plays & Avoided Saying the “L” Word

    1. “A Twisted Relationship” – New York Times, 1926
    2. “A Warped Infatuation” – New York Times, 1926
    3. “Tormenting Impulses” – World, 1926
    4. “Bondage” – World, 1926
    5. “The Poisonous Serpents Spell of Decadent Women” – Evening News, 1926
    6. “A Cancerous Growth” – Daily News, 1926
    7. “A Monstrous Sexual Perversion” – New York Evening Journal, 1934
    8. “L—N” – New York Herald Tribune, 1934
    9. “A Naughty Word” – New York Herald Tribune, 1934

    16 (Ninetieth/Twentieth Century) Euphemisms for Lesbian Relationships

    1. Smashes
    2. Sentimental Friends
    3. Special Friends
    4. Romantic Friends
    5. Two Hearts in Counsel
    6. Love of Kindred Spirits
    7. Boston Marriages
    8. Urningin
    9. Gynander
    10. Viragint
    11. Invert
    12. Contrasexual
    13. Androgne
    14. Moderne
    15. Roaring Girl
    16. Female Adventurer

    Lists From:

    Richards, Dell. Lesbian Lists: A Look at Lesbian Culture, History, and Personalities. Boston: Alyson Publications, 1990

    Here’s a fascinating account of ‘The Captive’, the first play mentioned here.

    Now to track down all these plays.

  • Friday, October 3, 2014
  • Morning phone call to India

    Me: You seem distracted. Are you tweeting again?
    Amma: Yeah, CSK [Chennai Super Kings] are playing, so I have to tweet about mosquitoes.
    Me: …what?
    Amma: It’s for good luck. We’ve discovered that whenever I tweet about mosquitoes, they hit a four or a six or get a wicket, or something.
    Me: Who’s we?
    Amma: My Twitter followers. We found this out a long time ago. So they’re expecting me to tweet about mosquitoes.
    Me: And it really works?
    Amma: Well this one time sadly we lost anyway – I had prepared so many tweets in advance of the match – I read all the wikipedia about mosquitoes and did so much research – but that day we lost! So I thought, oh, good luck is gone. But then I realised, no, I usually *spontaneously* tweet about mosquitoes. But this time I had planned it all in advance, that’s why it didn’t work.
    Me: Makes sense.
    Amma: I was tweeting about the symptoms for dengue and what to do if you find yourself – [switching track] Oh! I forgot to tell you. S___ Aunty’s sister-in-law got admitted in the hospital for dengue. [switching track] Oh! I can tweet about that now.
    Me: ….
    Amma: [typing sounds]