• Friday, June 20, 2014
  • Fringe Marketing

    I’m getting so into the marketing stuff I’m doing for our Hollywood Fringe show Much Ado About Something (last show tomorrow night at 10!)

    I shot and cut this audience responses video using my iPhone and iMovie.

    I made these Meme posters

    And then I helped make this VINE!

    I am so digging this. I can’t wait till we get to do it bigger and better next year. (And maybe by next year some theatre will be paying me to do this stuff too, I can dream yeah.)

  • Wednesday, June 18, 2014
  • At the beach, aka who am I


    Rachel: Why does Sebastian have a Jamaican accent when they’re all in Scandinavia?Me: No, they’re all in the Caribbean, right? That’s what I always thought.Rachel: Then where did all the white people come from?Me: I mean… they’re colonists.Nahal: Yeah, Prince Eric is importing slaves from Africa.Rachel: Or maybe they’re like in Southern European waters. Like the Mediterranean.Me: Yeah, Eric has dark hair!Nahal: And those eyebrows. He has those crazy eyebrows.[pause]Rachel: Nah, they’re in Denmark. Sebastian just rode over on dolphin.

    And some days continue to be really good. Yesterday I found myself at beautiful Manhattan Beach catching up with my playwright friends Rachel and Nahal after not having seen either of them in FOREVER (read: 10 days), then at night I got to attend the Kilroy’s opening party, and felt so energized and truly happy to be surrounded by so much of LA’s theatre community. I’m getting the best of both worlds- I get to make theatre with my friends, and I also get to hang out more established/institutional artists, and learn from them.

    Two more shows of Much Ado About Something, where I fight aliens with cheese graters and get my arm blown off.



  • Monday, June 16, 2014
  • No-whale whale watching

    Some days I actually take advantage of living in beautiful Southern California. On Saturday I went on a whale watching cruise in Long Beach with a friend who’d done it several times before, but thanks to the good luck charm that is me, we didn’t see a single dolphin or whale, which apparently is super weird. Still an incredible day out on a boat, (A BOAT).






  • Monday, June 9, 2014
  • A great theatre week

    This was a week where multiple wonderful projects either began, opened, or culminated.

    On Monday, rehearsals began for my play ‘The Frog Girlfriend’ at Fullerton College directed by Peter Kuo. The play will get a workshop production on June 25 as part of their Directors’ Festival, and already within the first week the script has improved considerably.

    Peter directs the cast Peter directs the cast

    I love this silly stupid awesome play and I’m so excited to see this done.

    yeaaah yeaaah

    On Tuesday, we had tech for Much Ado About Something at the Hollywood Fringe, which ended – as all self-respecting self-productions should – with a bunch of us trying to figure out how to clean silly string off the floor at 12.30am.

    spit and socks #theatreproblems

    On Thursday, we had our preview show- our first show with an audience- and ohmygod the play worked so well. It was so much fun being on stage and I am SO proud of my soultwin Megan Kelly who directed and the brilliant Kate Grabau who produced and Beatriced. What an accomplishment.

    MK & KG MK & KG, post-show glow

    Then I had to miss our opening show on Saturday (which luckily went well too) because this weekend was the culmination of the 2013/14 CTG Writer’s Workshop. We started in October, and it’s been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, and I’ve had so many great experiences over the past year. Once-a-month meetings with 6 amazing playwrights who were full of kindness and generosity, led by the CTG literary team Pier Carlo Talenti and Joy Meads, who set the tone for the whole thing.

    A month ago I realized the play I was working on just wasn’t the right play- I was going down the wrong path and so I had to chuck my draft and start all over again with a new premise and new characters. I managed to get 2/3rds of the play done, and I heard it read on Saturday morning with one of the best cold readings I’ve ever experienced of my work, thanks to the amazing casting of Anjali Bhimani in the lead role, who got my character so thoroughly it was unnerving!

    And the play is working… I felt it in the room and the feedback was so generous. I can’t wait to go forward with this. I’m so happy with where it is and just this reading is going to give me the fuel to finish it.

    It was wonderful hearing the other 6 new plays this weekend, with such a fantastic ensemble cast rotating through the scripts and joining in with the discussions.

    ctggroup kind of a messy picture, for now

    I fucking love theatre so much.

    And today I got an email that may have great news for A Nice Indian Boy. So eff yeah. This week. It was good.

    oh and i got this in my fortune cookie today and it has to be significant right oh and i got this in my fortune cookie today and it has to be significant right
  • Tuesday, June 3, 2014
  • Coming up Next: June

    June 5 – June 21: Los Angeles

    Join me and my friends at the Hollywood Fringe Festival for Much Ado About Something, the directorial debut of my brilliant soultwin Megan Kelly (USC MFA ‘13, yo.) It’s going to be so silly. So much fun.

    RSVP on Facebook now to get reminders and such!

    cast1 copy My arm gets blown off by ALIENS #shakespeare

    June 6-8: Los Angeles

    My current work-in-progress – ‘Queen’, a full-length play about graduate science research and honeybees- will have a reading as part of the Center Theatre Group Writers Workshop’s end-of-year retreat. The reading is invite-only.

    June 25: Fullerton, CA

    Peter directs the cast Peter directs the cast

    My children’s play in rhyming verse – ‘The Frog Girlfriend’ will have a workshop production at Fullerton College’s Directors Fest, directed by the wonderful Peter Kuo. More info TBA.