• Friday, February 28, 2014
  • February

    Oh my God Ganesha, February is almost over. Two play openings in one month. Two production experiences compressed over 7 weeks. I still feel like I’ve been struck by a battering ram, it might take me the weekend to recover. And I’m too tired to type right now, but here’s what I need to record.

    A Nice Indian Boy opened last night. Was overwhelmed by the genuinely lovely conversations I had with board members and audience members after the show during dinner. This play is out into the world. Let’s see what happens.

    Press pieces:




    In Love and Warcraft opened, and closed. What more is there to say about this play, except that it was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.

    I got to be on NPR (!!!!!!!!): http://wabe.org/post/love-and-warcraft-levels-alliance

    And a BUNCH of my friends flew to Atlanta to see it.

    My friend Nahal Navidar said, “This month, it’s almost like you’re getting married. Only, it’s better, because you actually did something.”

    This month did feel like the best celebration. I got to see so many of the people I loved, at the same time and place, celebrating these stories together. I can’t ask for anything more.

  • Tuesday, February 25, 2014
  • New play addresses modern marriage | Daily Trojan

    New play addresses modern marriage | Daily Trojan

  • Sunday, February 2, 2014
  • Previews and Press

    So previews for ‘In Love and Warcraft’ began on Friday night, somehow going forward despite the loss of 7 hours of tech this past week thanks to Atlanta’s Snowmagridlock nightmare. And I feel like I should have blogged on Friday evening to record the crazy crazy nerves I was feeling and to take in the fact that I was about to have my first public professional show in front of an audience… but of course another milestone is coming up on Wednesday, when previews will be over, and I will have my first ever official opening night. With press and my parents. Crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.

    Previews are going well. I can no longer experience the play, due to my extreme nerves and that terrible feeling of knowing the whole script by heart and therefore being unable to spontaneously live with the characters, but after each show, I’m thinking back and going, oh. That went well.

    Megan Kelly came last night with our friend Hannah Cornforth to see the second preview and it was such a joy to have them here. I’m so happy Megan could come out to Atlanta. She’s been there with me for the whole journey of this play, from the first (terrible) draft, and it was amazing to share this with her. And then I got to introduce them to our incredible cast and director, the sweetest human beings on the planet, and that was great too.

    lex raul

    Our genius costume designer Lex Liang blew my freaking mind today by gifting me one of his genius creations from the show. I can’t wait to frame this and hang this in my room. What an honor it’s been to work with him.

    And in the meantime, rehearsals are going on in L.A. for A Nice Indian Boy.

    Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    Press roundup-

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